In bars and restaurants I choose! Fipe shared its best practice in Hotrec

21 Ottobre 2016

During the 73rd General Assembly of Hotrec, the European Association of cafés, restaurants and hotels (Malta 20-21 October) Mr. Andrea Stoccoro presented “In bars and restaurants I choose!” like Fipe’s best practice, in order to share this initiative with all the European colleagues and national associations of Hotrec.

The initiative: Fipe, Bergamo FIPE’s local association and two non-profit organizations made two types of communication boards for children and adults with severe disabilities who may not be able to communicate by voice. These types of boards, used like placemats, are extremely important to help people who cannot communicate.

The objective is to make the break at the bar or at the restaurant a moment of inclusion and relaxation for children and for those with disabilities and to sensitize people towards cognitive diseases.

The placemats are made with Augmentative and alternative communication’s method (AAC), where pictures of things, the children or adults with severe disabilities want to order are placed on a board and the children are asked to point to the picture to choose what they want.

The placemats will allow children not only to communicate with their loved ones but ever more they will be able to communicate their wants and needs to the barman and waiter while they are in the bar or restaurant.

The project consists of the spreading of these placemats to all local association of Fipe and to involve local bars and restaurants, with the aim to present this initiative to the Italian Ministry of Health.


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