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The impact of fake reviews on restaurants

Speaking on the television programme "Mi Manda Rai Tre" on Saturday 25th May, FIPE Deputy Director Luciano Sbraga, highlighted the damaging effects of fake reviews on both restaurants and consumers. These misleading reviews often lead consumers to make choices they would not otherwise have made, causing significant damage to restaurant businesses.

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The economic and social values of the table at the center of the second edition of the restaurants day
  • After the last year's success, the Restaurants Day, promoted by FIPE-Confcommercio, is back for its 2024 edition;
  • The values of sharing and conviviality are also at the center of the law proposal for the establishment of Restaurants Day, assigned to the X Productive Activities Commission of the Chamber of Deputies last May 7;
  • Economy and hospitality are the main themes of the Event, which aims to spotlight the sector that plays a fundamental role in the growth and identity of our country.
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