Venerdì, 18 Marzo 2016 12:57

Sharing Economy: FIPE speaks at the Italian Chamber of Deputies about Home Restaurants

On the 19th of January 2016, some Italian Deputies asked FIPE to speak about Home Restaurants in an specific hearing at the Italian Chamber of Deputies as Italian deputies are willing to know more about the sharing economy’s phenomena.

The home restaurants activity consists of cooking in private homes for unknown people upon payment. FIPE is following this phenomenon for a long time and, during the hearing, denounced its unfair competition nature, as well as the potential hazardous consequences it brings to consumers, above all for their health. In particular, FIPE argued that Home Restaurants is increasing its popularity on the whole national territory as a result of the economic crisis. Due to the contribution of online channels and social networks is likely to become a parallel channel of organized offer, but without being part of a controlled legal environment. For these reasons, FIPE asked Deputies to take specific measures  to prevent any public health attacks and to contain the almost complete tax evasion of these activities.

Questo è l'articolo di Fipe pubblicato all'interno della Hospitality Europe Business Newsletter n. 7 di Hotrec

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